Partnering With Management
To Accelerate Growth

At Current Capital, private equity investing is about much more than financial engineering and investment capital. Whether as co-investors with our M&A clients or in smaller deals which are too small for our clients, it is about partnering with corporate management teams to drive profitable growth and create value.


Leveraging Close Relationships
To Create Value

Focused on Quality Portfolio Companies and Value Creation

We look for attractive companies with strong growth potential and high-quality management teams across the industrial and services landscape. Our target investments include family and founder-owned businesses and corporate carve-outs.

Traditional Control Buyouts and Recapitalizations

We make control investments and co-invest with our M&A clients. We typically seek scalable business models with a defensible market position in the relevant sector.

Applying Integrated Expertise

We make full use of our industrial and services industry knowledge, operating experience and financial expertise. We also take advantage of our significant networks and unique perspectives in these sectors to develop actionable investment themes.


Representative Private
Equity Investments


Residential Parts Distribution

Status: Active
Year of Investment : 2022

L&S Mechanical

Residential Services

Status: Active
Year of Investment : 2021


Safety Products

Status: Active
Year of Investment : 2020


Foodservice & JanSan Distribution

Status: Active
Year of Investment : 2019


Automotive Supplier

Status: Active
Year of Investment : 2016


Automotive Supplier

Status: Exited
Year of Investment : 2011


To discuss new investment opportunities, please contact Justin Levine (jlevine@currentcap.com) or Connor Donovan (cdonovan@currentcap.com).