Management Services

Our investment professionals and operating executives help create value, primarily in middle market and smaller companies in the industrial and services industries. In our management services effort, we:

  • Manage investments, sit on Boards of Directors and provide related consulting services for other investors and financial institutions.
  • Provide Chief Restructuring Officer services.
  • Offer advice and expert witness services in complex corporate litigation.

Our most comprehensive work involves driving value for shareholders by actively working with management teams as well as serving on the Board of Directors, often as the Chairman. In this role, we essentially act as the lead investor. Given our experience and focus, we are an effective catalyst for maximizing shareholder value for investments held by owners who cannot justify or do not have the resources to be such an active advocate for value.

We continue to provide a broad range of management services to our clients. Examples include:

  • Managing investments for other investors.
  • Serving on Boards of Directors.
  • Mentoring a new Chief Executive Officer.
  • Playing an active role in discrete projects such as strategic analyses, financings and mergers & acquisitions, all from the perspective of private equity investors and proven Directors.
  • Providing a Chief Restructuring Officer and a related support team.
  • Doing expert witness work.
  • Introducing executives from our network that can be valuable resources in a variety of ways.