stackpole international

Current Capital Partners, in conjunction with The Sterling Group which is a middle market private equity firm, acquired Stackpole from Tomkins plc in 2011 and sold the company in 2013 creating a very significant return for our investors.

During our ownership period, we helped to transition Stackpole from a division of a large company to an independent global automotive supplier. Stackpole continued to win and execute well on oil pump and powdered metal platforms, established a strategic presence in Europe and Asia, accelerated its position in non-automotive products, achieved operating efficiencies capitalized on an increasingly strong global automotive production environment and grew earnings substantially.

Stackpole is a designer and manufacturer of highly-engineered oil pumps and powered metal components principally for automotive original equipment manufacturers. These components are typically specified on long-term engine and transmission platforms with 10 to 15 year lives and are found on some 400 different vehicles or nameplates. The company has 12 manufacturing facilities and technical centers in North America, Europe, China and Korea.